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Loving, Living and Learning with Jesus

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St Peter’s Church of England Primary Academy Mansfield

Loving, Living and Learning with Jesus

Year 3 and Year 4

This week, all home learning is only available on Google Classrooms. You have been sent your log in details via text message. All the support videos are on the Cherry Class page.

Volleyball(oon) - have a go at volleyball at home!

Year 4 - Mathswatch

All year 4 children have a Mathswatch login. Work is set on here weekly. Please login to the website to complete. 

Friday's News Comprehension

Contact the team

Please use this form to feedback any issues with home learning. We cannot respond to individual emails but will endeavour to amend the home learning based on feedback.

Oh dear Bob and his friend do not look very happy with each other. I wonder what has gone wrong. Visit the Collective Worship page to find out.

Any one who is struggling to log on to Oxford Owl plerase follow these instructions.

Type Oxford Owl in to Google or

On the first page you should see a label that says my class log in.

Login to Hazel class (it makes no difference which class you log in to) Type Hazel34.

The password is 1111.

You can look at ebooks or go on the parents page.


Hope this is ok.




If you want to play against Mrs Eady online at Sumdog, this is my friend ID:


I will try to be online at 11am and 2pm every day. 11am for Maths and 2pm for reading.


If you want to play against Mrs Kaluza online at Sumdog, this is my friend ID:  JW482616


Flip Grid


We are hoping to use Flip Grid as a way of keeping in touch with each other.  It should work on tablets, laptops, computers and phones.   The code for our class is lks2 (stands for Lower Key Stage 2).

Miss Wood has done some really cool instructions on how to log in and how to record and upload your videos.  Please read those to get you started.

Remember though, one of the key rules is you must only record with an adult present.

Looking forward to seeing what you have been up to.


Mrs Eady, Mrs Kaluza, Mrs Baxter and Mr Blythe

Logging In

Our Filpcode is: lks2



Your username is you full first name with a capital letter,first letter of your last name (lower case) followed by lks2.

Eg. If your child's name is Charlie Bucket, your user name would be Charlieblks2.


If your child's name is double barrelled, it will be there full name followed by lks2.

Eg. If your child's name is Katie-Jane Smith, your user name would be Katie-Janeslks2.

If your child has a double barrelled surname eg: Charlie Smith- Bucket it would be Charlies-blks2



Any issues please use the contact form as usual. Please see the information leaflet below for further information and the instructional videos if you need help logging on.


We can't wait to see your videos!


The LKS2 Team

LKS2 Logging in Instructions

Still image for this video

1. Daily work will be uploaded at about 7pm for the following day. There will be maths and English activities daily and weekly activities for other subjects.

2. Children to write the long date once per day, underlined, then subheadings for each piece of work they complete (e.g. spelling, arithmetic, writing, maths main teaching)

3. Work neatly with your best handwriting, as if you were at school. At the end of each day, rule a line across the whole page then start the next day immediately underneath - do not waste space in your book.

4. Answers will be posted the following day for children and parents to self-mark.

5. Work will remain on the website for the remainder of the week then removed on the Sunday to ease server load.

6. Please use the comment form to get in touch. We cannot answer emails directly but will alter tasks based on feedback.

Numbers to 30 - French

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7 X Tables

Still image for this video

12 x table.wmv

Still image for this video
If your child is an early reader, please access the speed sounds on the Year 1 and Year 2 page.

Year 4- your Mathswatch assignments are set and ready for you to use.

Your login details are on the inside of your blue Home Workbook

Other activities

We have had some requests for other things that children can do if they have completed the work or cannot use the internet. Here are some:

1. Create a word search with the spelling words you have been practicing.

2. Create personal challenges that you can do every day to try and improve your score e.g. number of star jumps in a minute.

3. Create an assault course in the garden.

4. Read and write questions that you can ask family members about your book.

5. Write a book review when you have finished reading your book.

6. Create addition/subtraction questions for a family member and then mark their answers (without using a calculator!)

7. Write a letter to a friend.

8. Write an adventure story.

9. Write and illustrate a book.

10. Practice shading techniques and observational drawings.

11. Make a collage out of old newspapers and magazines.

12. Lego challenges

13. Cook a meal

14. Bake a cake

15. Write instructions for something you have made/built (including anything you have done online). You could email this to your teacher to complete by following your instructions.

16. Make an obstacle course.