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St Peter’s Church of England Primary Academy Mansfield

Loving, Living and Learning with Jesus

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St Peter’s Church of England Primary Academy Mansfield

Loving, Living and Learning with Jesus

Year 5 and Year 6


We will not be posting daily work for the two weeks of what would have been the Easter holidays, but we shall continue posting weekly activities on Sunday night. Daily activities will begin again on Monday 20th April.

Contact the team

Please use this form to feedback any issues with home learning. We cannot respond to individual emails but will endeavour to amend the home learning based on feedback.

Learning From Home Principles.

1. Daily work will be uploaded at about 7pm for the following day. There will be maths and English activities daily and weekly activities for other subjects.

2. Children to write the long date once per day, underlined, then subheadings for each piece of work they complete (e.g. spelling, arithmetic, writing, maths main teaching)

3. Work neatly with your best handwriting, as if you were at school. At the end of each day, rule a line across the whole page then start the next day immediately underneath - do not waste space in your book.

4. Answers will be posted the following day for children and parents to self-mark.

5. Work will remain on the website for the remainder of the week then removed on the Sunday to ease server load.

6. Please use the comment form to get in touch. We cannot answer emails directly but will alter tasks based on feedback.

Easter Activities: Week 1 - Monday 6th April to Sunday 12th April 2020

Hi. How's it going?

How has your first week of home learning been? What went well, what didn't go so well and what would you like more or less of? Please get in touch using the feedback form above. We would  love to hear from you, even if its just to say hi. :)

Answers: Friday 3rd April 2020

Answers: Thursday 2nd April

Answers: Wednesday 1st April 2020

Answers: Tuesday 31st March 2020

Weekly Home Learning: Monday 30th March to Sunday 5th April

Answers: Monday 30th March 2020

Speed Guide to Short Division

A speed overview of how to do short division. 2 example questions demonstrated, one has 5 as a divisor, the other has 7. This is a quick review vid. Useful i...

Spelling shed league table - Come on Yew!

Spelling shed league table - Come on Yew! 1

Answers: Friday 27th March 2020